Stroke of Good Luck

The middle grade novel I'm working on has an 11-year-old bee-keeping girl as a side character. I've been reading books on honeybees in order to add realistic details to the story and hoping to be able to find someone who keeps hives so I could observe.

BINGO. Thank you, fate. Friday as I'm sitting in a cofeehouse typing, I hear a customer at the counter talking to the shop owner about her honeybee hives, and how they only have one now but are getting ready to introduce four more boxes (or hives).

I grabbed a business card, popped out of my chair, and ran up front to introduce myself. The outcome being that this woman said they had an extra netting and if I wanted to observe them with the hive, I was welcome to. She's going to call me to arrange a time.

SO EXCITED. And a little nervous. I have a huge fear of bees. Never been stung. But I'm willing to suffer for my art. Or at least run screaming in an unncessary panic up a stranger's yard. ;)

Isn't it amazing how the Universe will so often deliver exactly what you need? Now I'm thinking of a large chocolate milkshake... let's see what comes my way.