Personal Trainer: Session #2

Last night was the second session with Ben Roberts, my trainer. We focused on shoulders, core, and a little cardio. It was not quite as torturous as last week. I can tell this because I still have the full use of all my limbs this morning. Last week I did the training on top of my 20-mile Uwharrie Mountain Trail Run and putting one foot in front of the other Wed-Friday required focus and concentration. Lowering myself to the toilet was an act of sheer willpower only accomplished by the leverage offered by the towel rack. 

But today I feel good. A little stiff, but not bad. I did learn one thing, however, No eating or drinking 2-3 hours before a workout. I had some hot tea (oh okay, and a cookie) about an hour and half before our session yesterday and YECH. I was fighting the urge to throw up for half the session. 

I like how Ben mixes up the training. We didn't do any of the same exercises yesterday that we did last week. It's also fun to watch him explain the exercises we'll be doing. "I can do that," I'm thinking as he's demonstrating a strap or pulley. "That doesn't look too hard." Then, of course, it's like OH. MY. GOD. A humbling experience, this working out thing. 

But the training is paying off. I did a run this morning and at the end thought, "Oh, it wouldn't kill me to do some sit-ups." Pounded out some of those along with some push-ups and planks. 

That May 2nd marathon is just around the corner. Time to start getting a little more serious about it.