Dog Transport

Dino the Dalmation. Click to enlarge.I had a busy weekend, to say the least. It started with a dog transport on Saturday. No, wait. That's a lie. It started by my being so worried about how the dog transport would go that I made myself physically sick enough on Saturday morning that I had to leave my yoga class early, come home, throw up, and sleep two hours in order to stagger out of bed and deal with the transport.

Which was pointless, as the transport was flawless. I participated in a a transport chain that moved 4 dogs from Anderson, SC to Roanoke, VA. One dog was going to his Forever Home. The other dogs were being transferred to new shelters. I didn't ask why. Could be they were going to no-kill shelters, could be the shelter specializes in their breed, could be they have a better chance of being adopted at the new kennel. What matters is that every weekend volunteers across the nation take part in these moving chains in the hopes of bringing new hope into the lives of animals.

So I borrow 3 carriers from a friend, Blair put down a plastic tarp in the back of the Explorer, and off I went. The handoffs were flawless. Met the prior transport at a pre-arranged location, watered the dogs, encouraged them to pee (only 2 out of 4 did, which concerned me), then loaded them into my car and off we went.

Misty and Linus. Click to enlarge.The dogs were angels. Not a peep. A few whines from Dino the Dalmatian when we came to a stop because his cage was on a bit of a slant and he kept sliding backward. But misty, the Cavalier mix, was tethered in the front seat and let me pet her the entire way, looking up at me with warm brown eyes that just melted my heart. SO SWEET.

I just look at these dogs and think, "How is it possible no one wants you?" They're so eager to give love and affection. So ready to be your best friend, no questions asked. I just love them. I think I'm going to double up on my allergy shots, fence our yard, and invite all the shelter dogs to move in.

Sigh. Someday...