Packing Tips

In lieu of a regular class, last Thursday night our Egypt group met at Sharon Luggage. The woman who gave the talk was a teacher by day and Sharon Luggage employee by night. She started off saying she enjoyed doing these presentations because it was the only time during the day anyone paid attention to her. I liked her instantly.

The deal with Egypt is we're gone 10 days and allowed only a 22" suitcase plus carryon. For those new to this blog, let me share my initial reaction to this news: "Oh. My. God." Followed closely by, "Forget it. I'm not going." I am a horrible packer. Always have been.

But I picked up some good tips, which I thought I would share here. In no particuclar order, here's a mini-version of HOW TO PACK:

  • If using a garment bag, hang clothes facing each other and cover them in plastic.
  • Limit yourself to three pairs of shoes, plus ones you're wearing on plane. Wear chunkiest shoes on plane. And bring comfortable tennis shoes. Everyone knows you're American anyway.
  • STUFF your shoes. If taking one pair of fancy shoes, stuff them w/jewlery, hose, slip so you can take the shoes out and have everything there for your outfit in hand.
  • Shoes go in bottom of suitcase first - put in shoe bags or plastic bags.
  • Always take extra underwear and socks. It's what you'll always run out of first.
  • Wear travel pouch around your neck and under your shirt. Leave wallet at home. Men - do NOT think carrying your wallet in your front pocket will save you from pickpockets.
  • Need a high voltage convertor AND a converter outlet plug for hair dryers, etc. Can only use 10 minutes at a time or they'll literally melt down (styling wands)
  • Put dryer sheets in dirty clothes bag. Store dirty clothes in one of those vented bags that you roll and air-packs the clothes.
  • Pants - stop rolling at the zipper. Create a shelft with 2 pairs of rolled pants to store shirts in between.
  • Turn clothes inside out to dry faster.
  • Bring pillows and blanket for plane.
  • Always carry simple change of clothes in carryon - T-shirt and pants in case spill food on you during flight.
  • Rolling and folding can work equally well, depending on what you're bringing.
  • Get a travel debit card.
  • Evening wear or sparkles - turn inside out and fold with tissue paper inside.
  • Movement causes wrinkles. Zip and button everything and pack your suitcase FULL so nothing moves. 
  • Remember 3-1-1. 3 oz bottles in a 1 quart ziplock bag, 1 per person.