Uh, Scratch That Last Post?

Yesterday I wrote how excited I am about next weekends NC Marathon and my goal of running it in under 4 hours. I was even so bold as to use the phrase "Bring It" in my post title. 

I would like to offer a formal and sincere apology to the Universe for what may, in light of today's excursion, be perceived as an early and unfounded cockiness on my part.

This morning I dragged Blair to High Point so we could drive the marathon course. OH. MY. GOD. Can we say "hills?" Can we say, "Lots of hills?" Can we say, "#@$&-ing unending amount of hills?? 

Seriously, I started cursing about mile 5 and Blair, who rarely utters more than a "shoot" or "gosh darn it" actually threw out an expletive or two with me in wonder as we drove. For those reading this blog who will be running the marathon - fear the hill after the halfway point. FEAR IT. And the long stretch on Johnson Street? Not our friend. 

Maybe I'm wrong. It's hard to judge hills in a car. And I know several people who've run sections of the course and reported back that it's not bad at all. Easier than last year's Greensboro course. From the looks of it they're lying, but maybe not. Let's hold onto hope. 

Hills aside, I have to say I'm pleased with the course. It goes through some beautiful neighborhoods as well as High Point University campus. There's more shade than I was expecting, which is a huge bonus. And the first mile or so of the start and finish is, as promised, flat. 

I'm reminding myself this one is for FUN. The all out train-like-your-life-depends-on-it marathon isn't until this Fall. This is a race where I get to enjoy seeing friends out on the course and have the advantage of being in my own bed right before and after the race. Whatever the day holds in terms of weather and the course, it will be fine. And if I don't make it back to the finish line, don't worry. I won't be hard to find.

I'll most likely still be crawling my way up that hill at mile 14. ;)