Media Week

I've put a lot of face time in on local media this week. Monday I was the guest on "It's About Your Business," a live weekly Internet show for entrepreneurs and business owners to talk about their business. If you go to the site and click on "Past Shows" you'll see my picture and a link to the 30-minute interview. 

On Tuesday I hosted my radio show, "How'd You End Up Here?" and had Joe Dass as my guest. Joe moved to NC from Brooklyn 3 years ago and is a riot of fun. Total New Yorker, down to the attitude and accent. He told a great story about how his first month here some car in front of him was driving too slow so he honked and made a few gestures before passing the car... which turned out to be a cop. We were cracking up during most of the interview.

In other news, I had my stitches removed today. Frankly, I'm over this being an adult and handling this whole little mishap on my own. I miss being a child and having someone reward me with ice-cream for being brave during the whole stitches in/stitches out process. Not happening. 

And finally, in marathon news, there are about 1000 runners around Greensboro praying for some rain in the next 48 hours to clear out the mounds of pollen circulating in the air. I've had the windows open most of this week and each night I walk around the house with a rag to take up at least some of the dust that has coated the furniture and turned the cats yellow. 

The humor note for the day: Blair and I plan a weekly menu and have it sitting on our kitchen countertop. Before he left for work today, Blair ambled over to see what was on tonight's menu.

"Savory Tofu and Vegetables Over Tomato Couscous" he read. He paused then gave a caveman grunt. "Ugh. Man food... good."

"Real men eat savory tofu," I said. "I'm pretty sure."

He gave me "the look."

"Okay, probably not," I agreed. "Just lie and tell anyone who asks that we're having steak and potatoes for dinner tonight."

And on that note, everyone have a great day.