The Wine Fairy Was Here

Imagine opening your door and finding a bottle of merlot and fresh-baked lemon-poppyseed friendship bread (not necessarily meant to be consumed together) on your doorstep. That was how I kicked off my day. A woman in my local yoga class makes her own wine and yesterday said she had a bottle to give me. As I have a friend coming in from out of town this week, I responded that her timing couldn't be better. Alas, our schedules did not synch up and it didn't look like we'd run into each other again for a week or two. 

So what a lovely surprise to find that while I was huffing it out this AM on the treadmill, the wine fairy paid a visit to my front porch, leaving two bottles of merlot and, as mentioned, fresh-baked bread which I am seriously considering passing off as my own effort. (I have no shame.) 

I whine a lot about living out in the boondocks, but it's for reasons like this that I love my cozy little hometown. 

And if I'm a very good girl, perhaps the gourmet cheese and cracker fairy will make a deposit.