Need Me? I'll Be In A Meeting

I went on a purge last year where I backed off, backed away, and backed down from a majority of professional and personal commitments. At the time, I had the distinct feeling my life ran me versus the other way around. 

Backing off helped and I feel my time is more my own. Life, however, is creeping back in. This is not necessarily unwelcome. But looking at the ol' calendar I'm realizing I need to be careful or I'll again quickly be overwhelmed. So far, I have the following weekly and monthly commitments:



  •  Monday - Hill runs
  • Tuesday- Trainer
  • Thursday - Trail Run
  • Saturday - Long Run
  • Yoga - 2x
  • Allergy shot

Looking at it now, the schedule doesn't seem so bad. And after all, all the weekly commitments are "fun" stuff I do for personal enhancement. But when I add in drive time to each event plus client meetings and "life" appointments (hair cut, vet, occasional coffee or lunch with friends) I feel like I'm grasping at spare moments to do actual work. Plus, the meetings are just the start. Then there's the work to be done as a result of meeting.

Blair and I have decided to start reserving as much of Sundays as possible for our time together. Hate to have to schedule "us" time but I'd rather schedule and have it versus leaving it to chance. 

How's everyone else faring? Finding decent work/life balance or is the scale stacked against you?