Marathon Mania

Forget work, forget chores, forget anything in life that isn't directly marathon related. I spent most of last night dreaming about tomorrow's race (although hopefully running through office buildings and incorporating an unbelievably frustrating scavenger hunt won't be part of the real race) and though I will sit at my desk today, the chance of any real work getting done is minimal. Instead, I'm tracking weather reports and counting down the hours until I leave to pick up my marathon race packet at the expo. 

The weather today is overcast and cooler than it's been the past week. AWESOME. Bring on the rain! We need to clear some of this pollen out of the air. And I would be thrilled with an overcast race day--the cooler I stay the better I run.

My main goal for the day is not to stress eat and also to work out the knots in my lower abdominal muscles. My trainer on Tuesday hit the abs hard and... ow. Still pretty sore. 

The race starts at 7 am tomorrow and we've got to leave the house by 5:20, so it will be an early night. If I can sleep. It's a bit like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve when you're 5 years old and waiting for Santa... long hours of staring at the ceiling begging yourself to relax enough to go to sleep.

I'll post the gory details of the race over the weekend. Thanks for all the warm wishes!