The Case of the Missing Cory

Odd. When we went to bed last night, our fishtank held 4 tetras, 3 corydoras, and 1 pl*co. This morning there are 4 tetras, TWO cordydoras, and 1 pl*co.

Where'd the extra fish go? We have scoured the tank with our eyes and there's no sign of the little guy. The tank has a lid which hasn't been moved so, for once, the cats are innocent. The pl*co is kind of a mean-looking territorial dude but there's no evidence of a tussle and I see no signs of the cory in or under the rock where the pl*co likes to hang out.

We're assuming the cory has passed to the great fish beyond but again... where are the physical remains? I've craned my neck to look for a floating fish at the top of the tank and there's nothing. I guess the only place left to look is in the long, thin black tube that circulates water and cleans the tank. It doesn't look possible, but maybe somehow the body was swept into there? Yuck. I think I'll wait for Blair to come home to explore that option.

This is bizarre. I just stopped typing to explore the tank again. I've looked in plants, under rocks, and I just don't see any way a fish could be pulled into that tube. Where is he??

Maybe I should go smell the cats breath after all. What does Cory smell like?

Rest in peace, little fishy friend.