Do I Want A Job? Hmm...

Last year, on a whim and recommendation from a friend, I applied for a job writing speeches and marketing copy for a university chancellor. However, after considering the hours of the job, the fact that the work was onsite, and that I had upcoming travel and other commitments, I excused myself from the interview process. Although I love working in a campus setting, I wasn't sure I could commit to the work on a long-range basis and didn't want to waste the university's time training me if I wasn't sure I would stick with it. 

The other day, I received an e-mail from the person at this university I'd been in contact with the last go around. "Are you still looking for employment?" asked the e-mail.

Huh. There's a thinker. As a freelancer, I'm on a perpetual "looking for employment" search. I was in Panera (shocker) the other day and heard two women talking next to me they needed a copy writer. Hel-lo.  I introduced myself, handed them my card and was on my merry way. Looking for employment? Always and everywhere.

But that's different. The underlying question being asked here, of course, is am I looking for a JOB job. 

I don't know. Maybe? It would have to be a damn good position to tempt me away from the freedom I've grown accustomed to with setting my own schedule. But there is some appeal of just going somewhere, having work given to me, doing it, and leaving it at the end of the day. Freelancing is like being an artist - the urge to create work never leaves you and you feel guilty if you're not spending your time working on it. There's also that steady paycheck perk. I remember those days... they were fun.

Frankly, I think I'm just having a "grass is greener" moment. I LOVE my life. Different clients, different projects, new challenges, slipping yoga, runs, and coffee with friends in between work hours... does it get any better? 

If I ever think of giving it up, just smack me. I probably have it coming.