Random Life Happenings

I don't know where my mind is these days. Maybe it's the first heat wave of summer that's come through or the fact that I'm increasing my training, but I was just zonked last week. Not sleepy-tired but physically "body-feels-like-a-brick-and-mind-is-brain-dead" tired. I sat in front of my laptop and ordered myself to focus but it was like clawing through quicksand. 

Today seems better. Feeling much more me and focused. I need to jump on some work that I let slide a bit in the fog of last week, so today's blog is just a quick recap of random events from the past week: 

  • I'm having a horrible time finding a guest for this month's radio show. If you know of anyone living in Rockingham county who is not originally from Rockingham county, please send me their contact info.
  • Saw Star Trek again this weekend. Because yes, it's that good. 
  • I almost saved/killed a turtle today. A big turtle was halfway across Hwy 150. I swerved to miss him and turned around and put my blinkers on and got out of my car to move him to safety. Only a semi came whizzing around m and came close to squooshing Mr. Turtle who impressed me by hauling ass to the side of the road, thereby rendering my services unnecessary.
  • Had a great client meeting today for a grant writing project. 
  • Am still obsessed with working out a training schedule for the summer. We (Runnerdude and myself) have a group of about 10 people committed to the program. I'm the earliest Marathon with Chicago so I kick off June 23rd. 
  • Several people have asked me when I'll be offering my class "Get Published!" again. Soon. Just need to find a venue to hold it in. 
  • With great trepidation, ordered new running shoes online. I've worn the same size/brand for years and these were $30 off what I usually pay. But mail-order shoes make me nervous...
  • Will I ever do creative writing again? Seems life is eaten up by client work and training. 
  • Speaking of eating, doing a decent job at the plant-based diet. Blair is being very consenting in what he's agreeing to eat. 
  • I'm still looking through the Egypt pictures every other day. It was magical. I miss it. 
  • A national representative from Play It Again Sports e-mailed me to say they appreciated the prior blog entry about good service. They wanted to be sure to recognize the GSO store. Yea!

That's it. I've got a to-do list a mile long with everything from "make homemade salsa" to "outline proposal for Project XXX."  Wonder if I'm talented enough to do both at the same time?