Bag Lady

At what point in my life did I turn into that woman who can't leave the house without toting 20 lbs of luggage with her? And what magic words do I need to utter to make this annoying phenomena disappear?

It's 6:39 AM. I'll be leaving the house at 7 and won't return until close to 8 PM tonight. To get me through the time away from home I am taking with me:

COMPUTER BAG:  Laptop, cord, daytimer, client projects, marketing material to read, pen and paper for creative scribbling

GYM BAG: Shoes, shorts, top, jog bra, socks, towel, headband, deodorant, face wipes, extra top to change into for drive home after workout

FOOD BAG: Frozen thingees that act like ice-cubes, protein shake, nuts, apple

GREEN GROCERY BAGS: Need to make a quick trip to Earth Fare so environmentally-friendly bags are joining me. Grocery list.

PURSE: Keys, wallet, sunglasses, business cards, lipstick, headband b/c it's raining and if the hair goes berserk I need a back-up option, gum, mints, cell phone

Other people make it out of their homes w/out teetering down the sidewalk with piles of stuff crammed under each arm and slung around the neck. I either need to lighten the load or hire a sherpa.