Relationship Deal Breakers

Blair and I saw a movie the other day with a couple with whom we've been friends for years. Lovely people - smart, intelligent, funny, great parents, etc. Which is why I was horrified to discover the secret they'd kept hidden from us all these years. They are, and perhaps always have been... movie talkers.

I get a little nervous when people talk to me during the previews of a movie, although I've relaxed my stance on that since so many commercials take the place of previews these days. Plus, people often settle into silence once the main attraction starts. But talking during a movie? Uh-uh. Nope. I have to take a stand. 

Movie talking for me consists of two aspects. One, how often a person talks and two, how loud they speak. Our friends, to their credit, were not constant talkers. But the occasional comment, when made, was offered in an everyday tone of voice. 

"That's a deal breaker for me," I told Blair on the ride home. "I could never be in a relationship with a movie talker."

Which got me thinking... what other deal breakers are out there? So I sat down and composed a quick list of "Dena's Deal Breakers:"

  1.  Movie Talker - we've covered that
  2. Non-cat lover - hel-loooo
  3. Black socks and shorts - should pretty much go without saying
  4. TV in the bedroom person
  5. Car is filthy on the inside - the outside doesn't count. (Ahem!) That's normal...
  6. Intolerant - (Meaning you disagree with me)
  7. Inactive - You don't need to be an athlete but I'm not interested in sitting around the house 24/7
  8. Rude to wait staff, airline personnel, hotel clerks, etc.
  9. No respect for privacy - I could leave a sheet of paper laying out that says "Blair is a big..." with an arrow pointing to the other side and Blair wouldn't touch it. I love that about him.
  10. Comb over

 As for things about me that others might find to be a deal breaker? Other than the tendency to blog my life, I can't imagine what they might be... ;)