Where's The Cheese??

Earlier this week I posted a blog entry noting that I'd been dragging. Had that heavy, body-feels-like-dead-weight and head-is-filled-with-molasses (cliches, anyone?) feeling. I'd pretty much written the condition off to a change in the weather, with heavy heat and humidity finally coming in, combined with an increase in my exercise intensity.

My best friend Trisha called today and said she'd been thinking about it and wondered if my new plant-based diet had anything to do with my recent tiredness.

"You know, I hadn't made that connection," I said. "I guess that could be it."

"It might just be the change," said Trisha. "It's not that the diet is bad, per  se, but sometimes our bodies just wig out where change is involved."

"So what you're saying is my body is mad and confused," I mused. "Makes sense. I'm sure it's freaking out, like, WHERE IS THE CHEESE???"

We've decided that's it. My body is holding me hostage until it receives fromage. It's saying to me, "Look, we can do this the EASY way, or we can do this the HARD way, but either way, we're taking back the cheese."

I caved and gave it a little cottage cheese and we seem to at least be on speaking terms. I've lost the listless feeling, but that may just be the cheese-buzz talking. 

Bon Apetit!