One Hundred Pushups

Who's up for a challenge? 

The goal: Do 100 pushups without stopping

The reward: Um... not much other than the satisfaction of a job well done 

When: Starting Monday July 13th, 2009

I'm such a sucker for a challenge. My friend Lisa e-mailed me the link to the One Hundred Pushups website and asked if I wanted to join her in training for it. Uh... yeah! Pain, suffering, and possible humiliation? Count me in. 

The site gives instructions on how to test your current pushup fitness level and determine your starting point. It then outlines up to a 6 week training program to get you to 100 pushups. The site says 30 minutes a week but I'll be surprised if it even takes that much time.

Right now I can do about 35 decent form pushups without stopping so I'm going to start the training in week 3. Lisa assures me she's going for it as well. Any other takers?