The Leather Chairs Aren't Going Anywhere

After reading yesterday's post at work about my wanting to go vegan, Blair came home and had a little talk with me over dinner.

"You. Do. Not. Touch. My. Leather. Chairs." he said. "Are we clear on this? Do I need to write it down for you? Nooooooo touchy." 

Blair's favorite spot in the house is reading the WSJ in his overstuffed leather chair. And for what it's worth, I have no intention of ditching the chairs. Would I go out today and buy leather chairs? Probably not. But I look at past purchases as water under the bridge and I'll try to do better going forward. 

Blair, however, is not convinced.

"It's okay," I think I heard him whispering to the chair as he caressed it. "I won't let her get you." 

On the bright side, he loved the gluten free vegan meal I prepared last night - Aloo Palak. It's an Indian spinach and potato dish. Yum!