Welcome to All You Can Eat Sunday

Hello and welcome to All You Can Eat Sunday.

Blair and I - after having successfully cut back our TV viewing to less than 3 hours a week - plopped ourselves on the sofa early this afternoon to watch "The Next Food Network Star" marathon and haven't moved in more than 6 hours. Well, that's not entirely true. We have left the sofa to forage for food. After spending a small fortune at Earth Fare this weekend on hemp protein, dulse flakes, coconut oil, unhulled seasame seeds, and gourmet greens, I spent the afternoon eating chocolate soy yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, and leftover pasta.

For his part, Blair managed to polish off a bag of Doritos in lieu of dinner. 

It's ironic, considering I spent over two hours this morning in the kitchen preparing healthy "raw" recipes from my new book, Thrive. Today's receipes of apple-almond cereal and chocolate-blueberry energy bars were a marked improvement from yesterday's pancake batter disaster. The book promised pancakes to pull me through a long 20-mile run. The batter was green from the hemp protein and didn't cook. Each side of the pancake burned, leaving a raw, goopy middle. Determined to eat what Blair called "$76 pancake batter," I choked it down. Which I started thinking of as a mistake around mile 7. Drenched in sweat, running in 90% North Carolina humidity, I fought off images of raw, green pancakes as I jogged the trail at Salem Lake. NOT one of my better runs. 

I have to say, I've enjoyed my day of television vegetation. Every now and then, it's good to just go brain dead in front of the boob-tube.

And if you'll excuse me, they're about to announce the winner of the Next Food Network Chef challenge. I better go pour myself a bowl of cereal and enjoy it.