100 Pushup Challenge: Week 4 Stress Test

Week four of the One Hundred Push Up Challenge asks you to perform a stress test - simply do as many push-ups as you can to failure. 

I wandered into our exercise room before breakfast, did a quick 30-second wall sit to get the blood pumping, waved my arms about in the air a bit to loosen them, then dropped to the ground and went at it.

45. That's my number. Kind of disappointed as I'm pretty sure I could have done 50 if I had just stuck to it. However, once any form of pain sets in my mind pings and says, "Okay, good enough," and I quit. 

Still, 45 push-ups is excellent for me. A couple of months ago I could maybe eke out 25. So overall I'm pretty proud of myself. Still can't quite get my mind around being able to drop and do 100 though. 

Week 5 looks scary. The first day asks you to do sets of 36, 40, 30, 24, and 40 pushups with only a minute break between sets. Uh-huh. Yup. You betcha. 

How goes it for the rest of the crew?