Dena Harris... Underwear Model

HA! Not really. But makes you want to at least check out today's post, yes?

Underwear model is a stretch. Underwear mannequin may be closer to the truth. From time to time, Hanes Brands puts out a call that they need women on which to measure and test new bras. A recent e-mail to be the body dummy for sports bras went out and they noted they were looking for active women.

Hello! I feel like I plan my life these days around workouts and am occasionally up to three showers a day. Need to test a jog bra? I'm your gal. 

If my body is a match for their needs, that is. I went in today for a measuring. They'll plug my numbers into their spreadsheet and if I am close to the "ideal" (meaning, "truest form" not "perfect") for a bra size, then I get to be on call to come in for fittings as they piece the bra together. A little money is involved but the glory of claiming myself as an underwear model is where the real payoff is, don't you think? ;)

See what happens when you freelance? Waaaaaaaay too much time to fill.