He IS Going to Make Me Get In The River

Lucy_Cat considers whether she's up for a tubing tripAfter yesterday's post went up, I called Blair at work. 

"Anything you want to tell me?" I asked.

"Um... no?" he answered.

"You're sure," I said. "Nothing at all on your mind.... that you'd like to say now... of your own free will...?"

"Where are you going with this?"

"Pull up my blog."

He did and I heard a groan on the other end of the line. 

"Did they come like that?" he asked, the dismay evident in his voice.  "They weren't even wrapped?"

We have a long standing joke that Blair can't surprise me. Whether intentionally or by accident, I always find him out. Once when I was really into reading about the Romanov's, he was going to surprise me with a trip to see a traveling exhibit of their possessions. Except my friend Heather mentioned the exhibit to me the week before and, as Blair was driving me to the "surprise," I surprised him by figuring out what it was. I still remember him beating his head on the steering wheel in frustration. Good times. 

Ahoy!But it turns out my love knows me better than I give him credit for and he is NOT going to make me participate in a 4-hour float trip on the river with a bunch of yee-haws slamming beers. Instead, we're going to go up to our property in Stokes county that is right on the river. Blair has cleared out a little landing area and a place to stake ropes in the ground, so we can lower ourselves into the river, float around in place for however long we feel like enjoying the day and the sun, and then hop back out. 

We're going to try it out later today or this weekend. I'll bring the camera along for pictures.