Home Projects - Guy vs. Girl

The "Reset Water Filter" light came on in our fridge and, frankly, I was at a loss. So I did what any good wife would do. I nagged my husband about it.

"The reset water filter light is on in the fridge," I said at dinner.

"Yeah, I know. I'm not sure where to get a new filter."

I shot him the evil eye.

"Uh, maybe Lowe's or Home Depot carries them?" 

"Great," I said. "Can I mark you down as being in charge of this project?"

I don't know why, but "buying and replacing water filter" falls under the "husband duties" category in my book. Other duties in the husband category include dealing with the wasps nest on our back porch, changing the kitty litter, and killing spiders. 

Home projects that fall under my domain include emptying the trash, cleaning the lint tray in the dryer, and herding the cats to the vet. 

Neutral duties include taking out the trash and recyclables, changing light bulbs, and taking the cars in for inspection stickers. 

What's the division of duties in your household?