One Hundred Pushup Challenge Check In

How we doin'? All my strong-armed readers who are pumping those push-ups out on a weekly basis - let's hear from you. Dad, Nicole, Melody, Kay, Nathan, Amy, Lisa... are you still with me?

This past week was my 3rd go round with week 3. There are three days of push-ups. Day 1 was... okay. Kind of getting back in the saddle. Day 2 was horrid. I did the required amount but arms were shaking and I'm not quite sure my last few pushups on each set were more than just a token bend of the arms. 

Day 3, however, was redeeming. Good form, didn't feel winded and tired until near the end of each set, and managed decent form the whole way through. I think it depends on what kind of day you catch yourself on. Kay mentioned she does her pushups AFTER her track and tempo workouts. I can't begin to imagine having the willpower to do that. I do mine on track and tempo run days but I do the pushups early in the morning and give myself a good 5-8 hours before I have to run. 

I'm not going to lie to you: Week 4 looks scary. Plus, there's a stress test at the end of the week where you do as many push-ups as you can to failure. I might do them with my trainer to keep me honest. 

I've talked with a few of you about your progress, but still chime in and let the group (oh okay, and the world) know how it's going for you.

100 is getting closer....