Psst... Wanna Buy A Cat Book?

The dining room table, also known as "Marketing Headquarters"I am deep into marketing for Who Moved My Mouse and by marketing I mean I am sending out postcards night and day. Our local post office has volunteered to rename itself the DENA HARRIS POST OFFICE. Stamp prices will remain at their current prices because I am single-handedly buying enough stamps to support a nationwide price moratorium. I dream of sticky labels in my sleep. It's a lot. 

But is it worth it? That's the big unknown. I've seen my Amazon rating bounce around from the 2 millions to the 50,000's and everywhere in between, but that can often be the result of as little as three book sales at once. The Random House page where the book is listed is also at aMy author copies have arrived! higher ranking, which I'm hoping means indie bookstores are ordering the book. The more pre-orders I get, the more my publisher likes me and will ask me to write another book. Buy the book! Buy the book! Buy the book! =) 

There's no turning back. I have 1500 more postcards sitting on my table that need to find a home. I'm currently investigating whether or not it's worth it to mail out to public libraries or if what everyone gets from me for Christmas this year is a postcard. (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he loves cats.) 

On a high note, my publicity rep in the UK e-mailed to say that WMMM will be appearing in part in the Daily Express, a national paper and she is lining up a writing assignment for me with a national UK cat magazine. Fun! 

Let's not forget who the star is, okay? How 'bout some too-nah love?Today is more postcards and labels and stamps... oh my! It's kind of fun in a draining, what-have-I-gotten-myself-into kind of way. 

I'd take a day off, but I wouldn't want the people at the post office to worry.