In Search of the Perfect Meatloaf

Being a vegetarian really isn't hard. There are very few foods I would say that I "miss." Meatloaf, however, is one of them. I love a good meatloaf. Served with a side of green beans and mashed potatoes (from a box - none of that real stuff), it is the ultimate comfort food. 

I have been trying to make a decent vegetarian meatloaf for going on twenty years. I've had some moderate success but nothing that's been a home run. The trick is finding something that offers a little crunch on top. Most vegetarian versions are simply too soft and fall apart on the plate as you serve them. 

I made a new recipe last night and while it's not perfect, so far it's the best of the bunch. It's got some ground walnuts in it, which give that hint of "oh, someone left this in the oven too long" rock hardness I'm looking for. Blair gave it a thumbs up and said he'd eat it again, which can't be said for every meatloaf variety I've tried out on him. 

The recipe is from Vegetarian Times and is called Meatless Meatloaf Sandwiches. Enjoy.