Psst... Hey buddy. Wanna buy some pine needles?

Sitting at my desk working today when the doorbell rings. An older gentleman in a down vest and hunting cap is at the front door, pickup truck parked in our drive. 

He gives me a smile. "Ma'am. I was wondering if that's your land right behind this house?"

"Yes," I say. (Side note: Do you ever wonder what it would take for you not to be polite and answer someone's question? I have no idea who this man is, why he's at my door, or why he wants to know about the land behind our house but it doesn't occur to me to question him. I wouldn't want to appear rude.) 

"Would you mind if I took some of the pine needles ya'll got back there?"

"Uh...sure?" (Again, with the not wanting to be rude.)

He tipped his hat. "Thank you, ma'am. I always like to stop and ask first."

And that was it. He got in his truck and I watched him pull around the block to collect pine needles from our yard. For what? I don't know. How many? Clueless. I assume he wants those already fallen off the trees but for all I know he's back there right now with a chainsaw, hauling off whole pine trees and thinking (rightly so) that he received permission to do so. 

I started this post thinking it would be a funny commentary on how strange people can be but I see now that I'm the weird one. Hey, here's an idea. Why don't some of you show up at my door and ask me about my finances or love life or where we keep the good china? I'll tell you all you want to know.

Wouldn't want to be rude.