You may have noticed a lack of blog posts recently. That's because I decided to temporarily unplug. Blair is on vacation, we had relatives staying over for Thanksgiving, and I frankly was at a point where I'd had my fill of the computer. I walked away. Turned off the cell phone. Ignored on-line life. It was lovely.

To balance the scales, here are a few random moments from the past week to provide a cross-section of what like is life off-line: 

  • Thanksgiving morning: Got up at 5:30 to bake a pumpkin-walnut-strudel-pie and was out the door by 7:15 for a 6-mile tempo run. TIP: If you've never experienced the joy of cold, outdoor exercise before a Thanksgiving meal, might I suggest you try it? It takes the holiday up, like, a notch. You return tired and cold and walk inside and are enveloped by smells of turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, pie... Best shower and best meal of your life. Promise. 
  • Thanksgiving evening: Playing board games with our 9-year-old nephew. I am not a person who lets little kids win just because they're little kids. Throughout the game I was admonishing chastising demonstrating helping others on how to move their men to their greatest advantage. At one point my nephew moved his peg and landed two squares in front of me. "Who's green?" he asked. "Aunt Dena," said Blair. My nephew heaved a resigned sigh filled with despair. "Oh, no."  
  • Reading, reading, reading: Getting off the computer left me with much more time for my favorite activity. READING. I've read 3 books in four days. I could just die happy.
  • Sloth. Blair has to return to work soon. Otherwise I'll weigh 400 lbs. Other than my main runs, I have pretty much blown off all forms of exercise this week. It's much more fun to eat and read and talk and watch TV. I'm back on track though. Hit the P90-X tapes this morning. (Two hours ago and the triceps are STILL quivering.)

That's about it. After posting this, I am reluctantly turning to the heaping pile of paper on my desk and will sort through it. Later tonight I'll be making a carrot-potato soup with spicy mustard greens along with roast cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I LOVE cold weather cooking. Thick and steamy and hearty. 

Cooking. Raking leaves. Running. Reading. Laughing. Sleeping. Tell me again why we need these stupid computers?