Thank You, Santa

Dear Santa,

You were here last night! I know, because the cookies I made for you are all gone, there are reindeer droppings in the hall (okay, that may have been the cats) and also because of all the presents you left behind! Thank you so much, Santa. I can't believe you gave me everything I asked for on my list! 

The number one thing I wanted, as you know, was a life filled with people I love and who care about me in return. You hit that one out of the park, Santa! I was hoping for even just the small version of this gift and you got me the monster size. WOW!!

Then there was the wish for warm furry creatures to share my home, preferably in the form of felines. I love the two you picked out for me, Santa. They're a purr-fect fit!

I also really, really wanted a healthy body so I could spend time running with friends. I don't even mind that the one you got me is an older model!

I also asked for a warm home, work that's meaningful and important to me, food on the table, laughter, joy, and a sense of humor to carry me through life. I don't know how you managed to fit all of those in my stocking this year but boy oh boy--was I excited when I opened everything! 

I almost didn't include that last item on my list, Santa, because it seems selfish to ask for it when I already have so much. But THANK YOU SO MUCH for the gift of Blair. It is absolutely the best gift I've ever received, and I will treasure it always. 

I don't know that I've been such a good girl this year to deserve all these gifts, Santa, but I want you to know I appreciate and love each and every one and will take very good care of them. I will try not to take them for granted. Also, I will share my gifts with people who maybe don't have as many gifts of their own. 

Thank you, Santa, for everything. And if you don't hear from me next year, it's not because I don't love you or I'm not appreiciative.

It just means I've already got everything I could ever want. 

Merry Christmas!!