What Is Sexy?

What Makes A Man Sexy?

  • Cleaning the house top to bottom, including dishes and laundry, while your spouse is away on a trip
  • Cuddling with the cats when you think no one is looking
  • Lying and saying that the vegan dish your wife spent 3 hours cooking is "really good" 
  • Going outside to shovel snow off your walk, then walking across the street to shovel the snow off your 80-year-old neighbor's walk as well
  • Having above average body temperature so giving you hugs is like snuggling up with a blanket warm out of the dryer
  • Saying "Those look great!" instead of "How much did those cost?" when your wife comes home with new shoes
  • Never saying "Yes," when asked, "Does this make me look fat?"
  • Bringing home an abandoned kitty
  • An oddball sense of humor
  • A willingness to share your dessert
  • Did I mention cuddling the cats?

If men only knew what really turns us on...!!