Just How Old Do You Think I Am?

So I'm in the hair salon today and the very young, very cute 23-year-old girl is blow-drying my hair. Tik Tok by Kesha came on and we both started singing the words. 

"Oh my gosh, you know this song?" asked blow-dry girl. 

"I love this song," I said.

"Oh my gosh! I like never would have guessed that." 

What's up with that? Do I have "Kenny G" stamped on my forehead or something? And this after I took the plunge with some serious rocker chick hair. My former blonde highlights on brown hair have been replaced with almost but not quite black hair and red copper highlights. I turn 40 in a few months so maybe it's an early mid-life crisis, but I think it's more I was just bored. I like the new look. It's not something I'd want to keep for life but for a few months until summer gets here, why not? Life is short. 

And I'm not going to spend it listening to Kenny G. =)

Olivia rejects the new 'do.