Overheard Conversation

I overheard a great conversation yesterday in the coffeehouse where I was working. A spry 70-year-old man was eating breakfast and he the the shop owner and a woman at an adjoining table were talking about being packrats. The man said every so often his wife would get sick of all his stuff lying about and organize a garage sale. 

Before the last yard sale, she asked her husband about the 5-gallon bucket of golf balls he was hoarding in the garage. 

"Can I sell those?" she asked. 

"I guess," he replied.

"How much should I charge?"

"Fifty cents."

When the man returned home that evening, he saw every last golf ball had been sold. Expecting a nice chunk of change, he asked his wife what the final total for the golf balls were.

"Fifty cents," she said, looking surprised.

That's right. She sold the entire bucket for fifty cents. 

I love coffeehouse conversations.