Long Runs, Tempo Runs, & AAA

My legs ache. 

I don't mind. It's the kind of ache that comes from using them.

I had some long, fast runs this week. On Thursday, Barefoot Josh was kind enough to agree to drive to Greensboro with me for a 10-mile tempo. (Side note: What kind of training plan takes you from a 4-mile tempo run one week to a 10-mile tempo the next? Those Furman people are sadists.) Our run turned out a little different than planned when, less than one mile in, I realized I'd locked my keys in my car. Luckily, Josh had his cell phone. Josh called his wife, who looked up the # for AAA, relayed the number to us, and we got a rep on the phone.

"I'll send someone out right away," said the rep.

"Ummm, could you maybe hold off on that for about an hour and a half?" I asked. "We'd really like to finish our run."

You could almost sense the word freaks running through the rep's mind, but she told me she'd place the help order on hold and I should call back when were were 45 minutes away from returning to the car.

We called at the 45 minute mark and headed back. When we were still a mile out, Josh's cell rang. It was the tow-truck driver, already there. 

"We'll be there in 8 minutes," said Josh who, for the record, is a much faster runner than me.

"We'll be there when?" I asked, already gasping from the tempo run. 

If you need motivation to run fast, try picturing a AAA service rep driving away from your car, leaving you stranded, sweaty, and thirsty, in 35 degree temps. We ran back and made it in time. 

Yesterday was a "short" 15-mile run with the Blueliners. I'm quite proud of myself for running with the "fast" boys this week. I was only able to run with them because they're all injured, recovering from an injury, or just starting to build back up their mileage, but I'll take every victory I can get. I ran way ahead of my scheduled pace, thanks to Jim B. who paced me in on the way back. 

Back to those aching legs. I am spending the day bonding with my Recovery Socks. I also need to fit in some yoga. My local instructor closed her yoga studio and I've been slack about doing anything at home. I'm much stiffer and tighter as a result. I see a good hour of "downward-facing dog" and "triangle" in my near future.