Cat Measuring Spoons

Is there anything more guaranteed to perk up your day than coming home to find an unexpected package waiting at your door?

Yesterday I spotted a small cardboard box enveloped in layers of duct tape sitting on my porch. I knew without even checking the return label that it was from my mother. That woman wraps a mean package. Various family members have given themselves hernias over the years, straining to tear open the roll of scotch tape Mom deemed it necessary to use on the flimsy cardboard box that contained socks. 

Anyway, turns out Mom and a friend were in a store and saw these measuring spoons, thought of me, and decided to send me an early birthday gift. I love them! Cat measuring spoons are the gift that keeps on giving. How entertaining will it be to measure out olive oil or cinammon in a kitty scoop? C'mon folks, that's pure old-fashioned fun

Thanks Mom!!