Goodwill Grab Bag

Why do I not shop at Goodwill more often? I ran into our local Goodwill store today on the hunt for a throw away sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants for Boston. Mission accomplished. I found a pair of blue nylon Adidas pants, cotton lined, for $3.25. And a bright orange zippered-neck Syracuse sweatshirt for $3.00. 

I also found three summer sweaters, each for $3.25 apiece. And another pair of keeper sweatpants for another $3.25. They look like they just came off the rack in a "regular" store, in perfect condition. Hell-lo! If I'd had more time to nose around I probably could have done a lot more damage. 

I don't know about other Goodwills, but our local store divides clothes by color instead of size. So there's a row of yellow shirts, followed by red shirts, followed by all brown, etc. It's actually a practical way to shop. Looking for something blue? Hey, aisle three. 

I'm feelin' the Goodwill today, people. FEELIN' IT.