Writing A Short Story

I've spent the last week immersed in writing a short story. I'm at about 3,000 words in and the first draft is almost finished. Sci-fi. An idea I've had for years as a novel that I'm testing out first as a short.

What I've discovered is that while my head is in the world of story, I don't feel much like doing other writing and my blog is taking a hit. 

Just to throw something new on the page, here's a quick list of highlights and lessons from this past week: 

  • Lesson #1: All soy chicken is not made equal. Last week I made "chicken" burritos that had us salivating for more. I made them again last night with a different brand of soy chicken. Absolutely gross. Who knew?
  • There be squash! Our square garden has LARGE LEAFY GREEN THINGS growing in at least half the squares. I told Blair I hoped we harvested a lot of squash. His reply: "This is further than we've ever come before so everything could die tomorrow and I'd still count it as a win." Love that man of mine. 
  • Lesson #2: I CAN and WILL kill most plants under my care. One of three of the rose plants I planted is already dead. Pretty sure Iris Sutcliffe owes me some money on that bet. 
  • Lucy has taken to hiding in the back of my office closet. Hurt feelings? Not feeling well? Needs a quiet, restful place to plot my demise? Hard to tell...
  • My editor sent me the back cover copy for my book. Can't wait to see the whole thing put together. 
  • Lesson #3: I have GOT to figure out a way to get more yoga back in my routine. I bent at the waist the other day and hamstrings were so tight I couldn't touch the floor. NOT GOOD. 
  • Lesson #4: It's time to stop fooling myself that I'm going to prepare a large salad for lunch each day with gourmet greens and a wide assortment of vegetables. Food is rotting in my fridge as I pour myself a second bowl of cereal each day at noon and vow to do better tomorrow. 
  • Watching the Biggest Loser finale last night was great, but it seems like 90% of the former contestants they bring back have regained some serious weight. So what's the point of the show? 

You're now pretty much up to speed on the exciting life and times of Dena. Stay tuned for our next episode where Dena shares how she did some laundry and more than likely killed yet another plant.