No Food, No Time, No Problem

I am "Make-A-Meal-Out-Of-Nothing" queen. Had a 6:30 writer's group meeting tonight so I raced home from work, threw some kibble into the cat's dish, changed clothes, shoved a load of towels in the dryer and realized I had seven minutes to find, prepare and eat a meal if I wanted any shot at dinner before ten.

I opened the fridge and was greeted by a vast wasteland marred only by two hard-boiled eggs with a questionable freshness date and half a jar of kalamata olives. Then I spotted a red pepper, a mushy avocado and I remembered I still had three strips of turkey bacon left. BAM! Sandwich. Turkey-bacon-avocado on a red pepper "roll." Absolutely delicious and I cooked and ate the whole thing in under 3 minutes. 

Breakfast tomorrow may be a stretch. I'm thinking a bag of frozen vegetables is my best option. I hate when I get behind in my cooking.



Earth Fare Earthlete

Good news! I've been selected to be an Earthlete - an Earth Fare Athlete Ambassador.

For those of you reading this blog that don't live around here, Earth Fare is my grocery store of choice. It's like a super-healthy boutique take on Whole Foods. To be blunt, I all but live there. Their produce makes me cry, it's so pretty. I'm on a first name basis with 90% of the store employees. I eat lunch there at least twice a week. I know on which days at what times they set out their free sample foods. You get the idea. 

Part of being an Earthlete is a 15% discount - stoked! (Actually Blair is probably more excited about that then I am.) Plus I get to represent the store at a few events I compete in throughout the year --they're sending me free gear which probably translates to "Wear our t-shirt when you run" but I don't mind. Love that store, love the people there, love their food philosophy. 

I just received the official e-mail this morning so there will be more details to follow. Presumably something outlining the red carpet roll-out when they present me with my crown and scepter. 



Dena As Swedish Chef

Driving in to look at homes today, Blair and I discussed what's essential and what's not. 

"You know," I said. "I need to get over this fetish I have for huge, gourmet kitchens. It's not like I'm that great a cook."

"You're a passionate cook," said Blair.

"Define passionate," I challenged.

"Messy," said Blair. "Remember the Swedish Chef from the muppets? Your style of cooking bears more then a passing resemblance to his."

"Rude!" I said, laughing. 

Rude, yes. But sadly, true. Enjoy.


Vegetarian Cookbooks From Ten Speed Press

Oh my God. Totally unexpected benefit of being an author published with Ten Speed Press/Random House? When I mentioned in an e-mail to my editor last month that I was going to Ashville to take a vegan soup making class, she offered to send me a couple of Ten Speed's newest cookbooks. A few days later I got a package in the mail with the two books you see below.

SO HAPPY. Blair calls it my cookbook porn. I loooove flipping through cookbooks, picturing all the meals I'll make. I've got about 20 recipies marked in each book to try. Kale Salad with Toasted Coconut & Sesame Oil and Panzanella (grilled tofu, sunflower sprouts, peanut butter, oven-roasted tomatoes) from Super Natural Every Day and Saffron Ravioli with Wild Mushrooms and Cashew Cheese from Candle 79

Ready for Thanksgiving to end--Blair won't let me fool around with the traditional dishes--so I can start cooking!