World Going to Hell In A Handbasket? Blame Ohio.

I was in Ohio this weekend for my cousin's baby shower. While there, my cousin walked my sister and me to Comfest, a festival taking place a few blocks from her house. In high humidity, the parks and streets were jammed with people, street vendors, bands, and boobs.

That's right. Boobs.

Apparently in Ohio (or at least in Columbus), it's legal for women to walk around topless. And so a number of women at this festival did just that. It was hard not to gawk, especially at the ones with henna paintings around their nipples. And not trying to be mean, but the rule of the day was that the people who maybe should have kept their tops on were the ones walking around with it all hanging out.

"This would blow my little Southern-gentleman husband's mind," I told my cousin. 

And sure enough, tonight when I told him about it, he was aghast. 

"Well, no wonder we've got the oil spill and wars and suffering," he said in his best slow Southern drawl. "It's because people in Ohio are walking around showing their boobies. My Lord, why not just wear a sign that says, 'Take that, Jesus!'"

Oh my God, the dude just cracks me up.