Kirk To Enterprise... Come In. Over.

Well look at me and my big, bad, high-tech self with my Mac laptop, iPhone, and iPad. My shoulder bag now beeps and vibrates as I walk. I feel so sci-fi I can't stand it. 

I owe a debt of eternal gratitude to my friend Christopher Laney for sitting down with me for almost two hours today and getting all the Apple doo-dads in sync and showing me shortcuts and how everything works. I am having MUCH more fun with these devices now that I have some small clue what to do with them.

In fact, I think I'm getting too comfortable with them. At one point, I had all three devices spread out and was tapping on the iPhone then tapping on the iPad and when I turned to my laptop, I started tapping on the screen and wondering why it wasn't responding. Oh yeah... keyboard. How quaint. 

I've also made the quantum leap and given up my paper calendar. (GULP.) I break into a bit of a flop sweat thinking about it. But I'm sure within a month I'll be engaged in mocking those who are, like, sooooooo lame and behind the times with their little paper calendars. ☺

The trust is not yet entirely there though. I leave tomorrow for Ohio for my cousin's baby shower and while I'll be using the GPS app in my iPhone, I've already printed out the directions from MapQuest.

You know, just in case this Star Trek stuff isn't all it's cut out to be.