Feelin' the Cat Love

I'm taking care of a neighbor's cats this week. The cats come in between 10 and 11 PM so I walked to their house about 10:15. I was met outside my door by Snowball, a different neighbor's cat. Then I tended to the two cats I'm caring for. Then Spike, another neighbor's cat, showed up outside the door for some love (read: food) and finally, Grisabella showed up. I'd never met Grisabella, but the neighbor whose cats I'm feeding had told me there's a stray gray cat that shows up from time to time that they feed. Sure enough, a gray cat with some wear on her bounded up the stairs and meowed for some food. 

All the cats demanded I give them some attention and so I've spent the last 30 minutes getting my fill of kitty love and am now drenched in cat hair. 

To think, all these years I've been missing the free cat love that apparently takes place on our block AFTER my usual 10 PM bedtime. 

Petting three neighboring cats plus a stray plus my two girls: This has been a really good night.