We Almost Speak the Same Language...

Lucy has been hiding in our small walk-in closet for over a month now.The last time she hung out in the closet was right before we discovered that all her teeth needed to be pulled and she'd probably been hanging out there because she was in pain. She appears in good health, but I decided to make her an appointment to be checked out at the vet's. Since I'm working this week and Blair is on summer hours, he gets the task of taking her there.

I approached him this morning while he was brushing his teeth.

"Do you know what to tell the vet?"



He spit. "I'm going to say she's been hanging out in the closet."


He looked at me. "And... that's it?"

I sighed. "That is not it. Tell them that she doesn't seem to be bothered by light, her appetite is still good, and she purrs and appears happy when I sit in the closet and pet her. Also, she's been extra skittish lately. She runs around the house with her tail drooped and her back arched and freaks out and runs away if we even look at her. Oh, and she's been a little more aggressive lately toward Olivia." 

"Got it."

"So tell me what you're going to tell them."

"My cat's been hiding in the closet and my wife is a basket-case," said Blair. 

Close enough, I guess.