It's Good To Be Home

Drove the 6 hours back home yesterday from Kiawah Island and was unpacked with the washing machine churning within 10 minutes of walking through the front door. How do people let suitcases sit around for days? It's beyond me. 

Had a fantastic time with best friend. Very reminiscent of our college days when we would go 5 or 6 days in a row and never be out of one another's sight for more than three minutes at a stretch. On the down (but completely expected) side, I wore maybe one-third of the clothes I packed. Big floppy hat never even made it out of the backseat of my car. While unpacking, I briefly considered giving the hat away as I haven't worn it once in over 10 years, but I'm betting the next beach vacation I'll break that baby out, so it's back on its hook in my closet. 

Came home and was welcomed by the cats and by welcomed I mean completely ignored. Blair's response was warmer - he had the house cleaned and a bag of M&M's sitting on top of my desk along with a note saying he couldn't wait to see me. Lovely man.

There was some minor frustration this morning in that our internet connection has gone down and I was having trouble getting on-line even through my AT&T 3G network.

"We'll survive," said Blair. "We'll be like the pioneers."

"Oh boy!" I said, with fake enthusiasm. "Fun!"

"Yeah, I know," said Blair. "It is getting a little 'Donner party' around here." 

I asked him if, during "Meat Week," he managed to eat a vegetable. "Yes," he said. "I had potatoes." 

Yes, everything is back to normal.