To Ponder: Should Dumbasses Be Allowed to Own Dogs?

Driving to the grocery store today, I saw two puppies cross the road in front of me (speed limit: 50) and start romping in some tall grass. I pulled into a side road and, seeing me, the puppies dashed across the street--ignoring traffic--and started jumping up on me. 

There was a man at his house, fixing a tractor nearby. 

"Excuse me, sir?" I called. "Are these your dogs?"


"Okay, I just saw them cross the road and wanted to make sure they weren't lost."

He chuckled. "Nope." He slapped his legs and the puppies went running to him.

When I got home from the store, these two friendly beasts trotted up to greet me and tried to nudge their way into the house. They were panting, so I gave them water and a little dog food I keep on hand for strays. I've tangled with that beige one before. I'm pretty sure the dogs belong to people nearby, maybe in the apartment complex behind us. But it galls me to no end to see dogs running up and down streets. Who knows who could grab them or what happens if a driver not paying attention comes along?

BTW, these two dogs are now conked out asleep in the shade of my front porch.

What's an animal lover to do?