Brenda playing with her new doggy sisterAfter Brenda appeared on WFMY news on Friday morning, she had 2-3 families calling about adopting her. A member of our APSRC group and the Humane Society of Rockingham County performed background checks and on Saturday Brenda went to live in her new forever home. She has two doggy sisters, a dachshund and the dog you see below. She's got a yard and toys and lots of love. For a dog that was literally minutes from being put down not once but twice, it's absolutely amazing to know she's now got a full life 

I have to say a special thanks to Tom Haizlip who was the one to suggest sending Brenda's story to WFMY and took a real interest in seeing her adopted. Also, Al and Faith Walker with the APSRC were tireless in their efforts to get Brenda a home. And a huge thanks to Ed Matthews of WFMY who is, quite possibly, the nicest man on the planet. 

Brenda has a home! This is a very, very, very good day.