Special Needs Kitty Needs A Home

Meet Thumper. I know. How cute is he?

Thumper needs your help. He is a special needs kitty, which makes finding him a forever home a bit of a challenge. Thumper is a 4-month old male, neutered, who has either trauma or congenital issues where he has to walk on the back of his back legs (versus upright on his back feet). He gets around great but the damage has left him incontinent. Right now he's walking around The Cat Clinic of Greensboro swaddled in diapers (which is about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time). 

The people who found Thumper have paid for his care thus far, but they authorized euthanasia because they do not want to see him suffer.  He's not suffering right now. He is a normal kitten in every other way. Loves to play, bat at things, and revs his big 'ol purring motor up the moment you touch him.

Right now he's in diapers, although he's too small for the the xxs to fit just right so they tend to slide off while he's playing. But he's very adaptable and hasn't tried to rip them off. The diapers work but aren't completely leak-proof. He does better on tile floors than carpet, which tends to leave sores on the back of his hindlegs. Thumper may make a good outdoor cat, so long as he's kept close to a house.

Thumper is VERY sweet. My friend Rudy works at the Cat Clinic and she reports that Thumper comes up and taps her on the leg when he wants food or hugs. 

If you know of anyone willing to discuss taking on a special needs kitty, please have them contact the Cat Clinic of Greensboro. Thumper is full of life and is a great little cat. He just needs some special attention. 

Don't we all?