Happy News! Special Needs Kitty Found A Home

In case you're searching around your desk this Wednesday afternoon for some good news, let me toss some in your lap. Thumper, the special needs kitty from yesterday's post, found a home! My friend Rudy submitted pictures of Thumper to a local new station and a woman from Elkin who fosters cats saw his picture and called the Cat Clinic. It was kind of a meant-to-be moment as the woman stated she rarely stays up to watch the 11 o'clock news, but on this night she did and when Thumper's little face and story went up, she knew she could care for him. She has an outdoor cat enclosure with access to a finished basement for her cats. Thumper goes to his new home on Friday.

Yea WXII! Yea nice woman who is adopting Thumper! Yea Cat Clinic of Greensboro for believing in this little cat! Yea Wednesdays!

Good stuff happening out there, people. Good stuff.