Blue Ridge Relay: It is ON

Who's ready to run 208 miles? Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Me and eleven teammates, that is. Van #1, of which I am a part, leaves today for the mountains of Virginia. We'll eat a spaghetti dinner, spend the night in a cheap hotel, then report to the start line of the Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) on Friday at 8 AM. Van #2 will meet us at the first TRANSITION ZONE later in the day. 

Each of us will run three legs that are categorized as easy, moderate, hard, very hard, or MG (mountain goat) hard.

My first leg is 6.9 miles, hard:

My next leg is 3.3 miles, easy:

My final leg is 8 miles, hard:

Ballpark, I should be running the legs around 11 am, 11 pm, and 6:30 am. Quite grateful that my night run is my shortest, easiest leg. 

We're traveling in 15-seat passenger vans, but I don't expect to get much sleep until the race ends, around 1-2 PM for us, in Asheville on Saturday. I'm less worried about the runs and more worried about the lack of sleep. I don't want to shock anyone, but I am somewhat a creature of habit. Throwing me off my sleeping and eating patterns = grouchy Dena with a touch of nausea. Shh... I'm holding that information as a surprise for my teammates! =) 

AT&T coverage is spotty at best in Madison, so I expect it will be non-existent in the mountains. Assuming I'm still upright, I'll post a quick blog late Sunday when I return to let everyone (read: Mom) know I'm still alive. 

Go Team MG Easy!!!