You Have GOT to be Kidding Me...

Attention writers of the world: When you have a good idea, guard it with your life. 

About two weeks ago, I was going through old notebooks and found an idea scribbled down for a cat book. A funny idea. An idea that made me say, "Hey, I'd forgotten all about that! That could work!" 

Instead of immediately stapling the idea to my forehead as I should have done, I put the slip of paper on top of my "to go through and deal with" pile on my desk. Only yesterday, when I went through the pile, guess what? Exactly. No little slip of paper. 

Which would be bearable, IF I could remember what the idea was. Which I can't. I have racked the brain. Nothing. 

Which could mean the idea wasn't that great to begin with. Obviously, if it was memorable, I'd remember it, right? 

But now I have that gnawing sensation at the back of my mind that whispers, "This was the one. This was the idea for the next book."

I'm desperate enough that I'm going to be pawing through my recycling bin later today. Maybe it dropped off my desk and fluttered down into there. It's odd for me to lose something. Even though I have piles of work around, they are organized piles and not many of them. I can usually put my hands on anything I need with no problem.

Come back, little cat book idea. Come back! I need you.