It's Time to Play: Diagnose Dena

It's time for everyone's favorite game: DIAGNOSE DENA! Here are the rules: 

  1. I will share with you some ailment of which I am currently suffering
  2. You will offer me your best guess as to what the ailment is and how to cure it
  3. I save gobs of money and time by not going to the doctor and instead placing the burden of diagnosis on friends willing to do a few hours internet research

Ready to play? Today's game involves what is probably my least favorite body part, the foot. Or to be more precise, the ankle area. But it's close to the foot and a foot is involved in the photo, so my apologies to all. 

See the big bump on the top?Okay, here is the problem. Yesterday morning, as I was putting on my socks and preparing for my long run, I noticed what appears to be a huge round ball on top of my right foot. It almost looks like I have a second ankle bone growing out of the top of my foot. The ball is not tender or sore in any way. It doesn't particularly feel like it's filled with fluid either, although when I flex my foot (photo #2), the ball does feel a little hard. To my knowledge, I have not injured, bruised, stubbed, slashed, or offended the foot/ankle area in any way. There's just suddenly and inexplicablly this big ball-thingee on the top of my foot and I would like it to go away.

So all you wanna-be-doctors and webmd addicts, what do you think? Will I live? Do Photo #2: Flexed foot. I need to have it lanced? Or do you agree with my preferred method of treatment which is to ignore it and hope it goes away?