Talking 'Bout a Res-o-lu-tion

Art From Hubpages.comSo how's everyone doing with those New Year resolutions? It's been less than a week but I thought I'd report on how the New Year is shaping up, what's working, what's not, and potential areas of concern. 

The Resolve: Drink 64 oz. of water each day.

The Reality: Pretty close. I've finished off the 64 ounces four out of six days and came close on the other two. I find it difficult to reach the goal if I leave the house. At home I carry around a massive water jug and sip constantly from a straw. Out and about, I'm more likely to order a coffee and nix the water. Still, heading in the right direction. 

The Resolve: Focus on food at meal and snack times. No reading or watching TV while eating. 

The Reality: Mission accomplished, but I can tell this one is going to be a struggle. I felt smug the first day, content the second, and on day three I started eyeing the New Yorker and thinking, "No one would ever know." I miss reading at lunch. However, it's taking me longer to eat and I leave each meal feeling much fuller and more satisfied than I usually would. I don't expect to have 100% adherence to this goal, but I'd like to go at least a month so the habit sets in and it's at least close to default mode. 

The Resolve: Limit TV time. We watch Glee & Modern Family and other than that, the TV stays off. (Unless it's a movie. The idea is to nix the channel surfing.)

The Reality: Another success but wow, I'm missing TV more than I thought I would. At 8:30 at night, I just want an hour of "How I Met Your Mother" to carry me away. Must stay strong on this one. It's a slippery slope and even a little cheating soon leads to full on couch-potato life. 

The Resolve: Focus on Novel Writing.

The Reality: YES!!! I go into my writing room each morning and write for 2-4 hours. No e-mail. No Internet. No phone. By the time it's noon I feel like I've met my goal for the day. Long may it last because I am loving this life. 

There are other goals - budget, body fat, yada-yada, but these are some of the highlights. Overall, I am quite pleased with how the New Year is shaping up. Certainly nothing is set in stone yet. Oh, and I should mention that, lest we go insane, Blair and I have declared Sunday a freebie day. This means if we want to order pizza and drink beer while we watch a Food Network marathon of "Cupcake Wars" while lying on the couch, it's all good. 

You've got to allow yourself a little fun in life.