Smug Marrieds: A Morning Conversation

This morning, 6 a.m. I'm lounging in bed while Blair gets dressed for work. We are discussing the cats. Olivia (aka BIG KITTY) has been sick. 

Me: "Did Olivia eat this morning?"

Blair: "You know, I saw her out but I didn't actually see her eat. Lucy ate, though."

Me: "There's a shock. Well, I skipped Olivia's pain pill last night. I'll give it to her this morning. Did you give Lucy her pill?"

Blair, rolling his eyes: "I tried. She wouldn't take it. All she wanted was the tuna I was packing for my lunch."

Me: "Why didn't you just put the pill in the tuna and feed it to her that way? That would have been so easy." 


Blair: "Woman, don't give me no lip."

Hope all of your mornings started out just as well!